We are pleased to introduce Brittonearth Energy Limited (Solar Company) and inform you that we are all about renewable energy solutions for a more sustainable environment. We opened our doors with our main focus on providing solar energy to both residential and commercial clients based on their present and future energy consumptions.

With solar energy you’ll be able to control your energy consumption, you do not have to worry about a monthly electricity bill, it saves on the pocket, it’s better for the environment and you do not have to worry about a power outage.

Our Core Values are:
 To understand our customers requirement
 To provide the highest quality of solar power system to our clients
 To exceed our customers expectation and
 To develop a life-long relationship with our clients both locally and abroad

Our installation team has a broad knowledge of solar system applications for over 14 years and can provide expert guidance if our services are to be considered. We also offer free consultation, free estimates and free on-site visits.
Our motto says it all “We Are Seeking Customers, Not Sales